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Are you at a crossroads in your career? Seeking guidance on how to start a passion project? Curious about how I found my purpose? Through 1:1 consulting, you will have the opportunity to pick my brain and ask whatever questions are on your mind and in your heart. I can't wait to connect and help you along your path!

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Caitlin Hayes

Executive Assistant / Founder and Designer at 18 Belleau, LLC

“If you are on the fence about working with Elizabeth, I would say to ABSOLUTELY do it!! You will be so happy you did."

While I was a bit hesitant at first because I wanted to make sure I was being thoughtful and not just throwing money at my stress and feelings of being overwhelmed, once I spoke with you and learned about what you were doing, it was a quick and easy "hell YES", no-brainer decision to work with you! I am in the midst of so many changes, new beginnings, endings, and excited anticipation... and it feels SO good to have your support, positive energy, and guidance. 

Lauren Visek


"She's part therapist, part cheerleader, part best friend and I can't imagine planning a wedding without her!"

Elizabeth helped with the most important part of my wedding - making sure it was more than just a party and felt like it was the next phase of our life. Wedding planning brought out drama and made unimportant details seem monumental, but Elizabeth helps you set boundaries, think through how to make it reflect your relationship, and most importantly get you ready for marriage!  

Victoria C.

Insights & Operations Manager / Yoga Teacher

“Having Elizabeth as an open-hearted, magically-minded counselor has been all the more important for me.”

I would 100% recommend working with Elizabeth! With her guidance, I went from reacting to all the chaos and emotions of the wedding planning process to mindfully and actively choosing how to respond to it all based on my own values. I got support as I set boundaries in my relationships, gently reminded to let go when I was grasping too hard or too much, and a compassionate sounding-board to reflect on the change and growth I’ve been experiencing.

Britt Buntman

Head, Strategic Alliances

“Unlike our planner who was focused on our to-do list, decisions, etc. I appreciated your focus on the emotions I was wrestling...perfection, community, beautiful, budget, etc.”

Elizabeth was such a wonderful addition to my wedding planning team. She helped me step back and slow down throughout the process; helped me think through and sit with the variety of feelings that popped up (from longing a better sense of community while planning far from home to guilt I had about the travel required of many to attend wedding); and mostly reminded me to be loving and forgiving of myself along the way. 

Jenny Venkat

Manager, Corporate Mobility Strategy

“If you're overwhelmed by the wedding industry and want to do something that's "you" but aren't quite sure how, I can't recommend Elizabeth enough.”

There are so many moments where it's easy to get caught up in the craziness. Elizabeth really grounded me in what's important to us. She also provided super helpful worksheets -- everything from selecting music, to writing our vows, to how to incorporate special moments into the morning of our wedding. Every questions or challenge I was having, Elizabeth had thoughtful input. There's no one I would have rather worked with in getting ready for our big day!

Mor G.

Product operations

“You really went above and beyond.”

Elizabeth, Thank you for such a great session this week. You were so thoughtful, prepared and I was so impressed by how the insights you pulled out from the handouts came together. You really went above and beyond. Thanks so much.

Kara McGee


Elizabeth has definitely found her 'calling' and will make a positive and profound impact on everyone she meets through her work as a life well as anyone else she interacts with while going about her daily life!! 

I loved Elizabeth's bright smile and happy and positive personality, she made me feel that I was in a safe space to share my story and confident that I would be able to move forward with more direction in my life. I learnt that it was ok to spend more time on me, a few minutes of mediation/deep breathing a day is enough to make a difference and to reset, what I learnt through my life coaching journey, I was able to teach and share with my daughters. Elizabeth is the sweetest and I very grateful for having had this experience! Lucky you if you get to cross paths!

let's be friends @heyelizabethsu 💛

Elizabeth Su

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