Shift Happens I’ve been trying to hold things lightly these days. Life things. Business things. Family things. Health things. All the things life throws our way. 🤹🏻‍♀️ Because UGH does gripping tightly suck the fun out of things or what. Instead of forcing something to work or making myself do something simple “because I said […]

Mental Health

November 7, 2022

Shift Happens, Go with the Flow, Health Update

“You did not lose out on anything that did not happen for you. Your life is in divine order.” -Lalah Delia #REALTALK   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Elizabeth Su✨ (@heyelizabethsu) The Quest for Belonging: Our time in LA is almost up, and I have to say, this is the […]

Empowerment, Mental Health

August 2, 2021

My LA Crush, Chinese Takeout, Mind-Body Connection

“If you are working on something you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.” —Steve Jobs   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Elizabeth Su✨ (@heyelizabethsu) Ruthless (and Loving) Prioritization: 2021 has slapped me in the face and forced me to get super clear on […]

Mental Health

January 19, 2021

Monday Vibes: Vulnerability, Self-Love and Essential Oils

Word of the Week: Mental Health Life Lesson: Seven years later, therapy continues to be the highlight of my week. It’s not always fun, obviously, but it’s an investment in myself, my growth and my wellbeing—plus, it makes me feel really good. Besides, our parents, partner and friends should not be our therapist. That’s not […]

Mental Health

October 27, 2020

What Mental Health Actually Means Part II

Word of the Week: Mental Health Life Lesson: I’ve always felt deeply. I cry a lot. I have intense reactions. I can feel overjoyed one minute and full of grief the next. My mind always races, and I’m never not thinking about how someone else feels.   View this post on Instagram   A post […]

Mental Health

October 19, 2020

What Mental Health Actually Means

Familiar with Dear Abby or another advice column? Notes from Camp is our version! As a Monday Vibes subscriber, you have access to these special issues where Elizabeth offers her best life lessons. Today’s Life Lesson: Feeling bad about feeling bad is a trick. Word of the Week: Non-Judgement Hey Elizabeth, First of all, I […]

Notes From Camp

July 13, 2020

Notes From Camp: How to Process Anger, Grief and Shame

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