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Described by readers as “a bubbly, confident, wise, kind older sister,” Monday Vibes is a personal growth newsletter that brings a cozy, slumber-party feel to some of life’s hardest challenges. Monday Vibes is a safe and inclusive community to explore the wonderful and messy parts about being human.

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Happy Spring my loves! 🍓🌼 I celebrated my 36th birthday eclipse chasing and marveling at how incredible and beautiful and mysterious and magical the planet is. I’ve seen totality twice in my life and both times I cried lol. I’m not sure why it’s so moving. It just defies everything you think you know about […]

I can’t be the only one who struggles with this


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Now that The Adventure Tarot is officially out in the world (!!!) I thought it would be fun to jazz up the structure of Monday Vibes so y’all can get to know her better, receive some exclusive BTS takes on the cards & see how I weave tarot into my life. 🔮 SO, let’s do a lil […]

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HOLY SH*T FAM. Today is the day!!! The Adventure Tarot is officially out in the world having her own adventures 💃🏻 If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, today would be such an impactful day to do so if you were thinking about it! Every copy sold this week gives me a shot at the New York Times […]

Omg omg omg. The Adventure Tarot is out!


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I have a fun update! I’m running a fabulous pre-order giveaway this week with some of my fave female-founded AAPI brands & you are invited to enter! 💃🏻 We’ve got nostalgic sauces and non-toxic nail polish and oat milk tea lattes and all-natural incense and clean beauty products….is that not the most fun slumber party […]

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