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a road trip-inspired TAROT deck about self-discovery & belonging

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Elizabeth Su✨ (@heyelizabethsu) CREATIVE PLAYGROUND Adulting is hard. Trauma sucks. And everything is way too serious. The Creativity Playground is your permission slip to do something just for fun. I’ll kick us off! Here’s my creative expression for the month: It turns out, there are a […]

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February 7, 2022

Galentine Gift Guide + 22 Self-Love Practices

“I think sometimes we forget that in our pursuit of building our brands and businesses, we are also building ourselves as people. So if you don’t start with pursuing your wholeness, you may end up with a thriving, but purposeless brand/business. Build YOU first, so you can build IT.” —@thevoguide   View this post on […]

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December 8, 2021

Holiday Gift Guide, Goodbye to the Monday Vibes We Know

“Do you ever wonder why it is that your healing digs up more despair, triggers, loneliness, and shame? It’s because you’ve found the very areas where the work needs to happen. That’s your roadmap. It’s in those dark places that true and sustainable work thrive.” —Dr. Mariel Buqué   View this post on Instagram   […]

Empowerment, Mental Health, Relationships, Spirituality

May 3, 2021

Boba Milk Tea, Happy Birthday to Me, Letter to Myself

Word of the Week: Transition Life Lesson: A week before my grandma left this Earth, I had a splitting headache, my body felt like it was hit by a car and I felt exhausted for seemingly no good reason. After a few days, it became clear that my symptoms were connected to my grandmother’s struggle, […]

Relationships, Spirituality

December 17, 2020

I Held My Grandmother’s Hand Before She Passed

Word of the Week: Boundaries Life Lesson: I used to DREAD Christmas dinner. Like, seriously dread. An entire gathering that revolved around food was my version of hell. I hated how many choices I had to make. I hated that my family always commented on what was (or wasn’t) on my plate. I hated that […]

Mental Health, Relationships

December 11, 2020

Navigating Unsolicited Comments and Questions from Family During the Holidays

Hands down one of the best decisions I ever made to heal my relationship with food was seeing an Ayurvedic coach. Learning that every body has different needs and reacts to food differently was life-changing—and the only thing that allowed me to stop hyper-focusing on what I ate, what others ate and what the magazines […]

Relationships, Spirituality

December 6, 2020

Get to Know your Community: Natasha Brunetti

Word of the Week: Burnout Life Lesson: In grad school, I wanted to understand why all of us women were constantly so fucking tired and why it felt like we had to work so much harder than men. I spent two years studying burnout. The research was both eye-opening and deeply saddening, confirming everything I […]


November 2, 2020

Get to Know your Community: Victoria Jane

Word of the Week: Communication Life Lesson: A few weekends back, I had one of those days when nothing seemed to be going my way. I woke up early for a business collaboration that ended up being a disaster, was triggered during writing class and was grumpy about working a second Saturday in a row. […]


October 13, 2020

How Communicating with Your Partner Changes Your Relationship

Word of the Week: Lovingkindness Life Lesson: I spent a lot of my time in graduate school researching why women are so hard on themselves. I was personally interested in this topic because I’ve had a harsh inner critic for most of my life and was always told it was because I set too high […]

Empowerment, Mental Health, Relationships

September 28, 2020

Get To Know Your Community: Safia Tapal

Word of the Week: Teach Life Lesson: A big part of my Monday Vibes mission is to empower women to pave their own path, make unconventional choices and do what makes them happy—even if it risks disappointing others. It’s not easy being the one who veers left when everyone else veers right. It’s unsettling, lonely […]


September 1, 2020

Get To Know Your Community: Judy Tsuei

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Elizabeth Su

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a road trip-inspired TAROT deck about self-discovery & belonging